Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is Here! Pretty pumpkins enter the scene.

Last Friday was the first official day of fall, so today I wanted to feature a beautiful fall wedding!  This one really embraces one of the major icons of autumn, the pumpkin!  See the full post here.  I love pumpkins and I'm not sure why... maybe it just has to do with all those happy fall memories from childhood.  Pumpkins were plentiful in my house growing up and it was always a special outing for my brother, sister, and I to go to Pumpkin Land, a roadside farm truck or to the local farmers market to pick out our pumpkins.   We each took care in inspecting and choosing our own, which was a serious task for a kid because after all, this was the canvas upon which Jack-o-lanterns were carved!  While we did this my mom was usually busy filling a paper sack with a variety of gourds, mini pumpkins and Indian corn to decorate the mantle and make center pieces with.  It was a simple yearly tradition for us but one I looked forward to every year & soon I'll be choosing some pumpkins for my own house.

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