Friday, June 25, 2010

Where is my Don Draiper???

I'm getting ready to do some advertising on a high profile blog (Woot!) and I'm having trouble figuring out my ad style. If only Sterling Cooper really existed and I had lots of money to have Don Draper and Peggy Olson make me a killer ad campaign! Here's a couple different banners I have thrown together. Obviously two completely different styles and different appeal! The second one is NOT my usual style, I just really liked the picture (it's me!). Well the photo shoot of the new veils is happening next week so I may just do a completely different one. Feel free leave a comment to voice your opinions.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beating the Heat - Summer Wedding Challenge

Boy, oh boy! It was a hot one in Minneapolis yesterday! Today is less sunny but still humid and uncomfortable. We don't use an AC (yet?) in our breezy 3rd floor apartment but we do use fans! It wasn't until this morning that I had a "Duh, Laura!" moment and remembered that I have a bunch of beautiful silk hand fans leftover from a photo shoot (below).

If you're having an outdoor ceremony or reception during the summer, you might be starting to worry about how to keep your guests cool if a heat wave decides to roll in. Hand fans are a great way to add comfort and style. And luckily they're widely available on the internet and usually pretty inexpensive! Below are my top picks!

Available here, these natural straw fans are about $1 each. Attach your wedding program or dinner menu and place them on guest's chairs.

These are the silk fans I bought from The Knot. Mine are plain but you can also have them personalized as shown above.

Go for an exotic look with this hand painted paper fan, available here.

Sold by Get Married, sandalwood fans are not only beautiful but have a natural mild fragrance.

These might be my favorite! Wedding program paddle fans by talented Etsy seller Baumbirdy. Tres Chic!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Handmade MN!

Uptown Urban Craft is now a member of Handmade MN, and great association of artists, crafters, and etsy sellers all from Minnesota. They are also the official Etsy street team for Minnesota. Last Friday I went to an Etsy party at Crafty Planet and met several of the women who are members and they are all just great! (Also, a quick shout out to my husband who attended with me & was such a trouper to hang out with all of us chicks. You're the best Babe!) Handmade MN's blog is a great support source for local artist and they do craft shows & their blog is a great way to shop and support local independent artists! I look forward to being a part of the team!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Touches of Black

We usually envision pretty pastels when we think about wedding colors, but black is back in a big way! Black and white weddings are nothing new, what with tuxedos having been the standard for several decades, and the whole damask trend that hit a couple years ago. But now black is hitting the wedding industry in a completely different way. Personally I credit Vera Wang's fall 2010 collection which features lots of black accents, like on the dress below, & even and entirely black wedding gown! No, it's not about an overbearing theme that's everywhere you turn (again, remembering the damask trend!). The modern use of black is more subtle, and understated. It's a light touch. It's a whisper of darkness that adds poetry, not drama. Add black to your wedding sparingly & you'll still achieve a look that's sophisticated but not one that's pretentious or imposing.

Ruffle Knickers by LoveBabyGrand and Black Wedding Invitations by ModernGirlInvitations.