Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Edition - Laura Whitney Couture Update!

Good afternoon all!  It has been a while since I last posted and I thought I'd give you an update on what's happening with the new line.

I have been sooo busy with orders lately but I think the whirlwind is ending... or at least I'm in the eye of the storm!   It's calm for a moment, allowing me to catch my breath and also to do some much anticipated new design work!   I'm also very excited to announce that we have a date set for our big photo shoot (August 14th!) as well as a very talented team including our photographer, Ali, our lead hair & make-up artist Irma and her assistants, and two beautiful local models, Sandra & Amy!   I soooo want to spill the beans about every detail but I can't!  So sorry but no sneak peek pictures today of any of that.

Okay and lastly one thing I made time for today was to buy a new sofa finally!  Yay!  I'm saying goodbye to our trusty old antique sofa and in doing so connected with another Twin Cities wedding business, On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals, run by husband and wife team Sarah & Kyle Dreher.  I'd often been wondering why Minneapolis didn't have a rental company specializing in vintage goodies and I'm delighted that someone has started one up!   Hopefully my Victorian sofa will make the perfect addition to Sarah's curated collection of aged accessories, furniture, photo props, & oh-so-lovely china. You can see some of her artfully arranged items below (psst!  She also offers styling services!) and see the full post here of this photo shoot by  photographer Dani Stephenson.