Friday, December 3, 2010

No-Coast Craft-o-rama is Here!

Super quick post this morning as I get the last of everything together for the show today.  My office, most of my house for that matter is a big mess of display items, promotional postcards, and product hanging here and there.  All the same, I think my booth is going to look pretty rockin'!  I'm super excited and ready or not, here I come!  Hope to see you all at the Midtown Global Market this weekend! The show starts at 3pm Friday and at 9am on Saturday.   Stop by booth 22-E and say hi!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Edition

Happy Sunday everyone.  Hopefully you've had a good holiday and are having a great weekend as well.  Sorry for the minimal posts lately, but it will probably continue for one more week.  It's now less than one week until the No-Coast Craft-o-rama... and I'm starting to get a little stressed!  What if I don't sell enough and I have a bunch of left overs?  What if I'm not making enough product and I sell out too fast?  I'm still not entirely sure how I'm arranging my booth space either!   I'm excited, I'm looking forward to it but I'm also nervous and can't wait for it to be over at the same time!   There is still so much to do so I'm guessing I won't have a blog post every single day this coming week.  Cross your fingers, eyes and toes and wish me luck! 

From last week, neckties awaiting to be sewn. Fortunately this task is now complete!