Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!   I have a lot of work to get done but I might just get down to visit the family this weekend...maybe.  Hope you all have a lovely spring weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

HALF WAY to the Kickstarter Project Deadline!

Wow you guys!  I am so thrilled at how amazing the donations have been!  I'm really touched to see how much you all believe in me!   We are half-way through the Kickstarter project and with just 15 days to go, boy, the pressure is on!   I'd like to once again thank everyone who has pledged so far and remind everyone else that if you were thinking about donating, DO IT!  Even if all you pledge is $5, every bit helps.  Each dollar past the goal amount is going to allow me to promote the line much better through advertising and promotions, not to mention the purchase of fabric and supplies!  You guys are fantastic! I couldn't do it without your support!  You can pledge by clicking here.

Things are going great on my end too.  I'm continuing work on new designs and drafting new patterns.  There are a TON of little details to get to as well!  Yesterday I made a bunch of hang tags to go on finished garments; they look très chic!   Below is a glimps into the work room of the past few weeks!  Still SOOO much to do!  I better get back to work!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Collection Released!

Yeah, I know it's hardly even spring 2011 yet but big designers work almost a year ahead and Vera Wang has just released the first photos of her 2012 bridal collection!

In classic Vera fashion it's over the top romantic with lots of floofy-ness and she continues to introduce hints of color to the bridal scene.  The collection is full of texture with lots of elaborate draping, over-sized bows (used vertically much of the time!), and layer upon layer of sheer ruffles and tulle.  The ball gown silhouette is used much more than her last couple collections but she still has a couple trumpet gowns as well as an A-line or two.  One of the stand-out gowns is a pistachio green number with some sumptuous draping on the back!   Another creative technique was layering tulle over lace, softening the appearance as though you're seeing the gown through a foggy glass window.  The effect is absolutely dreamy!   Below is a sampling of the collection!

I'm loving the mauve sash and the fan-like detail at the bust!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MN Designer Joins BHLDN!

If you haven't sauntered over to the BHLDN site for a few weeks you'll notice some new items now, including some uber cute sashed from Minneapolis accessories designer Laura Nelle!  Laura is the designer/owner of Nelle Handbags and she's kinda got my dream career.  Okay, so I've never met her but I've been following her work for a while now!   And it should be no surprise to any designer that it was one of her dreams was to design something for the BHLDN collection!   (add that to my list of "some day" goals!)  You can order Laura Nelle's super sweet "Seeing Double Sash" here.  Also below are some other newer goodies from BHLDN!   *Sigh*  I wish I could buy them all! 

Seeing Double Sash
lace coverlet
lace cape
For Esme Dress