Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Style Review: The Limited Wedding Collection

With the major success of J Crew's Bridal line, other mall retailers are following suit and jumping into the bridal market which had previously been reserved to specialty boutiques and high-end department store bridal salons.  Like J Crew, Ann Taylor launched their line this past spring with a select number of sophisticated & chic bridesmaid dresses aimed more towards women in their late 20's and 30's.  It's been a welcome change from the bridesmaid dresses at Davids Bridal which are so juvenile they are interchangeable with prom dresses.  Both J Crew & Ann Taylor developed their own distinct style while still providing ample variety and a full collection of dresses.  The same cannot be said for The Limited's collection which is, well, limited.  One could hardly call it a collection when it consists of only 2 wedding dresses and just 4 bridesmaid dresses.  More over, the collection seems to copy-cat the successful designs of other retailers, but with less sophistication.  The 2 wedding dresses mimic J Crew's high waisted A-line silhouette.  Bridesmaid dresses are obvious knock-offs of Ann Taylor and The Dessy Group dresses.  One thing differs dramatically however; the price.  J Crew & Ann Taylors wedding collections all fall into the typical bridal price range ensuring high-end construction techniques.  The Limited dresses start at a mere $89 making them a steal.  Can you see the difference?  No question!  But for the bride on a limited budget, the Limited's wedding collection fits.   Grade: C

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Day Hair

Happy Tuesday folks!  One of the most agonizing decisions for many brides is how to do their hair for the wedding day.  After all, those pictures are forever right?   Below is a little hair inspiration, styles I find just utterly beautiful!   {images via Wedding Obsession, DressDesignDecor, Thoughtful Day}