Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday (thank god!)

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I haven't had the best week.  No need to get into it...

But seriously, the weather's gotten cold again, it's gloomy, and I needs a pick-me-up!  So today's post is all things bright and beautiful on Etsy!  And I'm talkin' NEON bright! 

Save the date by YellowBrickGraphics, Hand-dyed yarn by SunriseFiberCo, Diamons wall hanging by sfettingis, BRO onesie by plutokids, Pink zebra beads by NeonNarwhal, Hats by ArturoRios, Ampersand screenprint by shopampersand, Vintage neon splatter dress by elsiecaney,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Vera Wang Spring 2012

If you haven't seen these gown yet you're in for a treat!  After her fall 2011 collection which was quite dark, with not a white dress in sight, Vera's spring 2012 collection is a lovely breath of fresh dewy air!  Traditionalists will love the pale tones and airy layers and off-beat brides will love the contrasting sashes and unique application of lace & a-symmetrical draping!  I love that these gowns somehow seem to marry modern style with old-fashioned elegance.  They remind me of a Degas painting.

I love the way the lace is applied to this gown!
Possible my favorite of the collection! I love the fan pleating and the wide sash.