Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is October 1st.  Do you know why that is an exciting day?  It's the day that (for me) it's officially okay to start bring out the autumn decor, specifically the ceramic pumpkins!  Yeah you heard me!   I know, I don't seem like the type to go for the cheesy fall decorator items, and I'm not!  I just like ceramic pumpkins.  But with that one exception I welcome fall by changing out my house linens to more seasonal colors and also by bringing in signs of the season like real pumpkins, gourds, a wheat wreath on the door.  You see, September is a transition month between the seasons, one where we mourn for the loss of summer, gradually accept the changing of the seasons, and finally by October 1st, we are ready to welcome the fall!  How do you welcome fall?  Do you redecorate a little or not at all or do you go all out for Halloween with orange lights, hay bails and fake spider webs?  Below is my preference of a subtle season decor.

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