Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday all!  It looks like we are in for a little blizzard this weekend so I had better start in on my holiday shopping this morning before the roads get nasty.  I haven't even started buying gifts yet and I've also got the menu for our holiday party to finalize.  Hope you all have a nice weekend of pre-holiday prep, relaxation, and staying warm & cozy! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Design Trend: Triangles

Okay if you haven't noticed the whole triangle graphics trend by now you've probably been living under a rock somewhere.  They are all over the place, in fashion, interior design, graphic design, stationary, even jewelry design.  Here's a round up of some of my favorites! (click to enlarge)

A Fine Fete Necklace from Anthropologie.
Artwork from Greg Lamarche.
Wallpapered room found thanks to Design for Mankind. + Dolce & Gabbana Geometric Print Dress

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Into Holiday Mode

So my life the past month has been so consumed with preparing for the No-Coast show that many things got pushed aside, neglected, suspended, forgotten, or otherwise just didn't happen.  One of those things was my daily blog roll and after getting back to it yesterday, I realized how much I really missed my morning ritual!  In addition, I wasn't allowing myself to start doing holiday stuff until the show was over (which was a tough rule to follow!).  So now I am happily getting into Christmas mode full force!  Last night we got our Christmas tree, a beautiful frasier fur that smells amazing, and I've downloaded a plethora of unique holiday albums including a Best of Motown Christmas.  It's pretty good except for a really unfortunate track of Stevie Wonder singing Ave Maria, featuring a harmonica solo!   I'm also trying to get all the plans together for the holiday party we are hosting in 2 weeks, including mulling over ideas for my par-tay outfit.  One of my favorite blogs, Design is Mine, had some awesome suggestions for the perfect party ensemble! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winding Down After No-Coast

Good morning all.  Bet you're wondering how the big weekend at the fair went!  To sum it up in one sentence, it went well but not as well as I'd hoped for.  The biggest bummer was the snow storm that came just as things were getting set up on Friday!  It was not exactly fun hauling in load after load in that.  By the time I moved my car (about a half hour after the show started) the roads were really bad which kept people away I think.  Saturday started out a bit poky as well but by the afternoon was pretty busy.  It was great to interface with the public, vs. just selling online.  It was like a study in sociology, watching what people were interested in (or not).  My booth looked pretty stellar after a bit of rearranging.   I talked to a lot of local brides about veil and bolero orders and I met some great vendors too!   

All and all, I'm glad I did the show... but I'm also glad I don't do craft shows on a regular basis!   It was just a crazy amount of work making enough inventory to fill out a booth, and I keep plenty busy just with my normal work load.   I still have to finish unloading the car today and find a place for all the left over merchandise, but I'm slowly winding down and getting back to having a life in addition to a business!  ( I even managed to bring up the Christmas decorations from the basement yesterday!)  And that feels pretty good!