Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adorable Spring Dresses!

Spring has spring here in MN, there are tiny leaves growing on the trees and Easter is just around the corner.  So naturally it's time to freshen up your closet with some pretty spring dresses!

Swing-set Dress from Mod Cloth
Soda Fountain dress by Mod Cloth
Spiraea Shirtdress by Anthropologie
Rose & Gold Slip Dress by Anthropologie
Diamond Kite Dress by Anthropologie

Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome April!

It's a new month and that brings a fresh start, especially for me because *drum roll please* I'll be starting a new job!  And I'm also moving to a new town in a matter of just 4 days!  No, this ain't no April Fools joke! 
sort of what my "moving van" will look like!

I'm super excited for my new job which is doing product development for a wedding stationary company!  So posts on here may lean a little more towards paper products than in the past, but I'll still be posting about bridal fashion, street fashion, art, & home decor!   In fact, you'll probably see more and more interior design posts since I'll be eventually settling into a new home!  I'm actually not moving to a new town, but rather I'm moving back to my hometown which is excellent because I get to be close to all my best buddies again!  I'm bunking with my parents for the first month (lame, I know!) while I settle into my new job which gives me a little time to find my perfect apartment.  And THEN I get to decorate!  Woot!   Will I live in a mid-century apartment with wide windows, a stately Victorian with interesting nooks & crannies, or rent a rustic old farmhouse on the edge of town with some friends?  Anything could happen.  How exciting is that!?!

Hopefully I'll get a place with a yard, but if not I'll make sure to get a balcony so I can make my own little garden retreat!
Not to get my hopes up, but a fireplace would be amazing!  This is MN after all!
Apartment bathrooms are usually tiny.  Check out this clever and stylish way to utilise more storage space!
I love this look of open storage and rail systems above the sink!
Let face it, I'll probably have to get a 2BR so I can have a dedicated sewing room!
And above all, it has to be a cat-friendly place so I can get a kitten!