Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Wedding: Plaid!

Okay so anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE plaid!   I kinda go nuts for a broad shouldered handsome man wearing wool plaid, and I really like to wear it myself from time to time!  So I just about fell over in my chair when I stumbled across this bold and above all beautiful bride rocking a red plaid wedding outfit and looking so perfectly chic all the while!  The tailored flannel works so great with the full cream skirt!  I always swore that if I ever got married again I would totally elope since I did all the wedding hoopla once already, but this wedding outfit could probably change my mind!  This particular bride got married at a ranch down in Texas, but how great would this be for a north woods wedding!   {Photos by Claire Richarson}

I think what makes this work so well is that it's just a little plaid, so it's not overwhelming you. I couldn't find any pictures of her groom but I imagine him in a plain suit with a plaid tie OR a boutonnière with a little plaid ribbon around it.  Just little touches here &  there is all you need. 

And here's just a little plaid inspiration for the guys too:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workwear Wednesday: What is Business Casual Anyway?

On Friday my husband & I are going to his (new) company party.  The invitation said "business casual" but it's in a slightly swanky location with a jazz band & casino entertainment.  He hasn't been with the company very long but it's the kind of office where most people wear jeans & t-shirts to work.  So we're kinda like, "Um, what exactly should we wear???"  With such super casual coworkers we'd hate to be over dressed!  But with all the higher-ups in attendance we also want to make a strong impression.  Should he wear a suit but no tie?  Should I wear a dress?  And did I mention it's freakin' freezing outside? Oh the choices!  So I leave it with the world of Pinterest to decide.  What do you think?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sale in our Etsy Shop!

We're having a Valentines Day sale!  Just for the heck of it, get 14% off now until February 14th!