Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

My husband, like many others returns to school this week.  *sigh*  It's officially autumn then I guess.  The return of academia each year also brings the return of formality of dress, darker & duller colors, and the inevitable return of the oxford shoe.  The oxford gets to shine once a year as both men and women realize with dismay that it's time to get back to business as usual, that the frivolity of summer sandals must be exchanged for something a bit more tight laced and serious.  For those of us not returning to class the change from summer to fall is strangely without punctuation; no new academic ambitions embarked upon, simply a change of weather & of wardrobe.   At least the oxford comes in a variety of incarnations to ease this transition.  Here are two I like from Urban Outfitters.

Mens wing tipped oxfords by Urban Outfitters

Ladies wooden heeled oxfords by Urban Outfitters

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