Monday, August 22, 2011

New Week, New Projects!

Good Morning my dears!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Mine seemed to last a long time, probably because a lot happened!  One of the most significant things was that yesterday evening our clunker Chevy Malibu gave it's final death rattle on the highway and was towed off to my brother's garage in Mankato, where I await him to pronounce it legally dead.  So while we start looking for a new "every day" car our beautiful 1963 Mercury Comet is going to be our main ride.  Not bad for a back-up car!  My father has already suggested another 1960's classic car to be the Malibu's replacement. I told him, while that'd be fun, I was concerned about driving a car like that in the winter, to which he exploded with "Well for Pete's sake little girl!  We drove those cars year round in the sixties! No reason you couldn't!"  All I know is the comet takes corners like a pontoon boat and I can't imagine trying to control it on the ice!  ...So that's a project to think about for a while!

My other more fun project which I've been putting off for months is re-decorating our bedroom!  It's not the worst room ever but I've never been happy with it.  It doesn't need a total re-design but just some updating really.  Most important things on the list:
  • New nightstands!  We still have the junky ones from college.
  • New lamps!  My bedside lamp doesn't even work anymore.  
  • New sheets!  A little touch of luxury would be nice.
  • De-clutter!  A box from when we moved in a year ago became a permanent fixture, acting as a side table. Many other items without homes seem to end up stacked in this room.  This will end now! 
  • New dresser for Dylan!  Again, the junky one from college which has broken drawers and is totally falling apart. 
  • New Headboard! I'm excited about this.  We don't have a headboard and it's going to bring the room sophistication I think!
Perhaps the most challenging thing about this is that I'll be doing it on a shoestring budget.  But small budgets seem to bring out the creative & clever side of me so I'm not too worried.  I'm going to check out a few of shoppers secrets (as well as craigslist) but this weekend I mostly just collected inspiration.  This is what's on my mind so far!

I really like the nightstands and lamps in these pictures!  {source}
I'd love to add a side chair too.  Which I will have room for if I de-clutter!
I love how calm and luxurious this room is.  The curtains are so sumptuous!
Headboard and canopy are to die for!  So romantic!  The window/door/flooring situation in this picture is similar to my room.
I love full canope beds but I don't think it would work in my small room. This 4 post bed is a nice compromise I think.
Love this nightstand, and it's an Ikea hack too so budget friendly!

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