Thursday, April 21, 2011

HALF WAY to the Kickstarter Project Deadline!

Wow you guys!  I am so thrilled at how amazing the donations have been!  I'm really touched to see how much you all believe in me!   We are half-way through the Kickstarter project and with just 15 days to go, boy, the pressure is on!   I'd like to once again thank everyone who has pledged so far and remind everyone else that if you were thinking about donating, DO IT!  Even if all you pledge is $5, every bit helps.  Each dollar past the goal amount is going to allow me to promote the line much better through advertising and promotions, not to mention the purchase of fabric and supplies!  You guys are fantastic! I couldn't do it without your support!  You can pledge by clicking here.

Things are going great on my end too.  I'm continuing work on new designs and drafting new patterns.  There are a TON of little details to get to as well!  Yesterday I made a bunch of hang tags to go on finished garments; they look très chic!   Below is a glimps into the work room of the past few weeks!  Still SOOO much to do!  I better get back to work!

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