Monday, September 19, 2011

Fancy Frillies!

Happy Monday all!  I had a very full weekend; our craft beer party was a smash hit and the next day I picked up our new (well, new to me) car from my brother's mechanics shop and drove it home!  As much as I LOVE the Comet, I am so happy to have a modern car to drive and not need to rely on a retro ride every single day.  

But as it always seems to be, retro design is going to be a big part of my day today.  Among the more mundane tasks, today my work day will include designing pink retro lingerie for a colleague's art/fashion fusion coffee table book. The whole book is a really exciting concept based around the theme of candy!  Irma, who if you recall was the lead make-up artist on our August photo shoot, is collaborating with a photographer friend of hers who is in turn collaborating with many different artists to create unique fashion looks using different candy as the primary medium!   For this shoot Irma has chosen cotton candy (Oh, just think of the possibilities!) and has asked me to create some pint retro lingerie for the shoot!  She told me the model will have cotton candy pink finger curls for her hair style so I'm thinkin' a pair of satin tap panties are in order!   I'm excited to try designing/sewing lingerie for the first time.  Several people have asked me about adding a honeymoon lingerie collection to Laura Whitney Couture so this will be a trial run so to speak!

And speaking of lingerie, in the process of researching this project I came across an awesome blog called The Lingerie Addict!  Below is just some of the yummy eye candy they've featured recently! 


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! And please remember to check out my main blog -

    Have a great week,
    Trea :)

  2. No problem, I love your site! And the main blog is great too! I'm loving all the designer interviews!


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