Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workwear Wednesday

First a confession.  I am not even close to wearing something that'd be considered "office appropriate" this morning!  I'm wearing a cut-off shorts and  a pink t-shirt with bleach splotches all over it.  But once I leave the house I'll dress like a grown up, I swear!  

Actually I think it's sort of tricky to figure out what to wear right now.  The summer heat and humidity has suddenly left us in Minneapolis, and for the first time in months I want to wear sock to keep my toes warm!  And yet it can still get pretty hot in the afternoon sun.  So how do you dress well in late summer?  Like your mamma always said, dress in layers!   {images via pinterest}

Quite possibly the perfect late summer work outfit, incorporating a sundress like this.

Okay so this isn't layering but I am CRAZY for this outfit!

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