Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late Summer Loveliness

I am kinda burnt out on weddings for the moment.  In fact it's come to my attention that it's suddenly late summer!  I feel like I missed the past 3 weeks, and I kinda did because I spent the majority of my time inside my studio working. Not that it wasn't worth it, but SRSLY, I need to be outside and enjoy what's left of summer before it's too late!  I've gotten a good start this week.  Went bike riding twice this week & I'm going again tonight, and last night I cooked a super yummy dinner for my hubby and me using herbs from the garden and we ate al fresco next to the fire pit.   Perfect evening!  I've got to get more of that in before summer's gone!

My husband and I are also planning a big backyard party for about 30+ people in mid-September and so I'm all about finding inspiration for that too!  It's a craft beer tasting party so you want it to be fun and casual but without feeling like a frat party.  It's sort of a delicate balance I think because if you go overboard with decorations & finery people feel like they can't relax but if it's too laid back... well like I said, it could turn into a frat party right out of Animal House!   So here's my late summer party inspiration!

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