Monday, May 16, 2011

Swimsuit Season Approach-eth!

Oh man you guys, I am not ready for swimsuit season.  I mean I'm really ready for swimsuit weather!  But not for putting my two-piece back on for the world to see.  I'm trying, I really am.  But I've come to realize I've got that "weekend weight gain" curse going on.  Ya know, you do really well during the week and then it's Friday/Saturday/Sunday and the beers start flowing, your friends bust out the chips, you visit family and they've got a big (Eeep!) cheese & venison tray out as an appetizer, and perhaps worst of all your weekend is so packed with activity that you don't want to delay the start of your day with a 40 minute workout.  It's bad, I didn't work out since Thursday.  I'm kinda ashamed of myself.  But okay the past is past, I did an intense 40 minutes this morning & I'm optimistic about the week!  I'm gonna stay motivated by flipping through my Fitness Magazine everyday and stay realistic by not putting over-the-top expectations on myself.  For example, I am fully aware that I will never be "skinny".  I'm okay with that.  I've got some pretty rockin' curves in fact.   I'd just like to lose a few pounds so my skinny jeans aren't so snug and so I'm more confident in a two piece this summer.  But more than anything it's about being healthy, right?  Right?

Uh, yeah.  I'm never gonna look like this. 

But this body I could be very happy with! 

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