Thursday, May 19, 2011

Could Tuxedos Make a Come-back?

So a funny coincidence happen in that my husband and I have been hitting up vintage shops the last couple evenings for an awesome tuxedo for him to wear to a fancy schmancy event we're going to next week at the Guthrey.  Two days ago, 100 Layer Cake posted an article about a bride-to-be who was upset that here fiancĂ©e wanted to wear a tux to their wedding and wanted advice on how to convince him to wear a suit.  Admittedly, tux's have been dragged thru the mud since the 1970's and most of us just think of the hideous prom tuxedos we're used to. The advice she got was, if he wants a tux then let him wear a tux!  And then there was additional discussion on finding fantastic vintage tuxedos. 

We are excited to have found a fantastic 1960's era tuxedo jacket from Blacklist Vintage last night!  Just need to find some pants for it now.  I really think that going vintage, or at least buying a well tailored tux from somewhere other than Men's Warehouse (gag!) is a good way to go.  And if you're still not convinced here are some images of super sexy tuxedo-ed gents! 

Dylan's new tux jacket looks a lot like this!
Slim fitting midnight blue tuxedo is very stylish!

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