Monday, April 25, 2011

Crossing a THIN Line: when models are too thin, even for models!

Eee Gads!  Someone get this "bride" some wedding cake, stat!

We all know that fashion models are thin.  Like really thin.  They are basically walking wire hangers.  But I've always been pleased with the bridal fashion community for generally keeping their models at least somewhat realistic.  Bridal models pretty much always at least look healthy; I mean who wants to see a bride who looks like she needs to be fed the cake through an i.v. right?   And real brides are REAL women with REAL flesh on them!  Speaking for myself, most of my design samples are a size 4 to 6, which is still plenty thin!  It just makes sense.  That's why when I saw photographs of Carol Hannah's NY Bridal Market fashion show I was, er, a bit disturbed.  I couldn't even focus on a few of her (beautiful) gowns because I was too distracted by her choice of unhealthily thin models!

For those of you who've never heard of her, Carol Hannah was a fan favorite on a season of project runway and her designs really are beautiful!  But it really makes me not like her that she would choose to use such unhealthy, low weight models.  I'm not unrealistic; I'm not saying she should necessarily use plus-sized models (although her designs are sold up to size 24 so...?), but keeping minimum of size 2 would be nice!   What's sad is that Carol was really doing herself a dis-service because the gowns in question were not shown in their best light and would have looked much better on a fleshier woman... ya know, a woman who doesn't have the measurements of a pre-pubescence girl.   I guess I shouldn't be too hard on Carol though.  Many of her models were much more healthy looking.  And you know what, they looked beautiful!  But judge for yourself....

Too thin!  The dresses are actually falling off them!

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