Sunday, June 20, 2010

Touches of Black

We usually envision pretty pastels when we think about wedding colors, but black is back in a big way! Black and white weddings are nothing new, what with tuxedos having been the standard for several decades, and the whole damask trend that hit a couple years ago. But now black is hitting the wedding industry in a completely different way. Personally I credit Vera Wang's fall 2010 collection which features lots of black accents, like on the dress below, & even and entirely black wedding gown! No, it's not about an overbearing theme that's everywhere you turn (again, remembering the damask trend!). The modern use of black is more subtle, and understated. It's a light touch. It's a whisper of darkness that adds poetry, not drama. Add black to your wedding sparingly & you'll still achieve a look that's sophisticated but not one that's pretentious or imposing.

Ruffle Knickers by LoveBabyGrand and Black Wedding Invitations by ModernGirlInvitations.

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