Friday, June 25, 2010

Where is my Don Draiper???

I'm getting ready to do some advertising on a high profile blog (Woot!) and I'm having trouble figuring out my ad style. If only Sterling Cooper really existed and I had lots of money to have Don Draper and Peggy Olson make me a killer ad campaign! Here's a couple different banners I have thrown together. Obviously two completely different styles and different appeal! The second one is NOT my usual style, I just really liked the picture (it's me!). Well the photo shoot of the new veils is happening next week so I may just do a completely different one. Feel free leave a comment to voice your opinions.


  1. Laura, I love the first one! It's fresh, clean, modern yet vintage, and very stylish. It looks very professional and polished. You might just want to add a slogan or descriptive element under the logo so viewers know that its a bridal/clothing/homegoods boutiue and not a craft store. When I see craft I think of Hobby Lobby or something, so if others think the same they might need some more info to know what they're clicking on.

    Congrats on your advertising venture!!

  2. I prefer the second one. It emphasizes glamor, whereas the first one has more of a retro/quirky feel. Not that I don't love retro & quirky, but I'm thinking about the clientele you're trying to reach.


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