Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I'm Working on Now.

Oh boy what a day I had yesterday!  And it's still kinda going.  My sewing machine broke down.  After 11 years my faithful, wonderful Necchi just jammed up.  I spent an hour trying to fix it, pulling out sludgy black oil and lint clods, scraping up my knuckles and then took it to the repair shop where the man confidently told me he might even have it fixed by the end of the day.  I was like a nervous mother as I waited for the phone call telling me I could pick my baby back up.  The phone call came but to my sadness it was news that the machine had frozen up for good and was going to heaven.  With sadness in his voice the repair man said he'd never seen any thing like it, that he tried every bit of magic he could.  It would have to be replaced.  It was heart wrenching for me, not to mention that my work load is extremely heavy right now and project deadlines are looming, plus the preparations for the upcoming show... to not have my trusty machine for one day was bad enough but to hear I would never be able to use it again was just too much.  I thanked the repair man for his efforts, hung up the phone, and had myself a little cry. 

Today I picked up the remains of my old friend and came home with a rental machine.  As much as I need a working sewing machine everyday, it was too soon to chose a permanent replacement. I kept asking my self, "How can someone feel so emotionally attached over a machine?"  It would have been like picking out a new pet the morning after your dog was run over.  It was just too soon.   I've decided to rent for a week while I research a replacement.  Ebay is proving helpful actually!   I even found this awesome vintage poster that put a huge smile on my face.   Ah, well.  Back to work I guess.

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