Thursday, July 22, 2010

You can wear it again. No, really!

Most of use have been bridesmaids & so most of us have bought expensive dresses we wore for one day and then let sit in our closets for a respectable length of time before toting them off to the thrift store. I'm guilty as any bride, so if my former bridesmaids are reading this, you have my full consent to get rid of the dress and reclaim the closet space already! But if you are a bride to be you are lucky because bridesmaid dresses have never been more fashionable or more affordable. Do your girls a favor by choosing a dress they can really wear again! Cocktail length dresses are fully acceptable & fully fashionable options today. Even better is that soft pastels, while still classic, are no longer the standard for wedding colors and more sophisticated hues are moving to the forefront. With the exception of some of the limes and oranges, these new bridesmaid colors will not only keep your lovely ladies happy but stand the test of time too!

Dresses by After Six & Lela Rose

Just one of the great dresses by Ann Taylor

Sophisticated colors by Jenny Yoo

Wear one of these dresses for the wedding and then wear it again at a Mad Men Season 4 party! Dresses by Jenny Yoo & Simple Silhouettes

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