Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Beach Vacation in the No-Coast State

Sorry for the laps in blog posts recently! The hubby and I took the weekend for a short vacation and then I took Monday to recover from said vacation! We went camping on the beach on Lake Superior. We were there only a short time but it was a very exciting 16 hours! Our little strip of beach was an unofficial camping hot-spot, known mostly just to the locals. We met a few of them when we first arrived in the afternoon but by dusk, we had the place to ourselves. We spent the afternoon reading, cooking over a bon fire, collecting interesting stones, splashing in the cool water of the Great Lake. Our tent faced the glittering Duluth skyline, we had a nice fire of driftwood burning, and weather was fine... that is until, nightfall!

We knew a clouds were rolling our way but we'd hoped for a drizzle. We hoped wrong. We hunkered down in our trusty tent and watched out the wind as the tide came in closer and closer. A lull in the storm gave us enough time to get out and move the tent to higher ground as well as stoke the fire a bit. The remainder of the night we counted the thunder & lightening trying to decide if we should make a mad dash for the car and head to a motel! I was terrified & didn't sleep a wink. My husband snored away next to me. Dawn finally came and soon the rain stopped. We packed up our wet sandy gear into the car and headed off, but before we left we heard the beautiful call of Minnesota's state bird, the loon. Three of them had floated by to say "Good morning! Quite a night we had, wasn't it!"

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