Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workwear Wednesday: What is Business Casual Anyway?

On Friday my husband & I are going to his (new) company party.  The invitation said "business casual" but it's in a slightly swanky location with a jazz band & casino entertainment.  He hasn't been with the company very long but it's the kind of office where most people wear jeans & t-shirts to work.  So we're kinda like, "Um, what exactly should we wear???"  With such super casual coworkers we'd hate to be over dressed!  But with all the higher-ups in attendance we also want to make a strong impression.  Should he wear a suit but no tie?  Should I wear a dress?  And did I mention it's freakin' freezing outside? Oh the choices!  So I leave it with the world of Pinterest to decide.  What do you think?

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  1. It's casual BUT without seeming that you jumped from the sofá to the desk or table meeting ahahahah.

    Your choices are lovely. Girl under Ryan's photo is a bit overdone but after Ryan everyone seems something more or less, right? The guy has casual written all over ahahahahah.

    Cosy and comfortable (not drabby) and throw a nice jacket on top of it and you'll rule. Jacket is mandatory, at least for him. Go for casual look and add the classy touch on accessories - a difference without disturbing anyone.

    Have fun,


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