Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good morning!  Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  My well meaning husband decided to update some things on our computer and it was on the fritz for a couple days! 

Okay but on to a little personal bitch time... Why is it so freaking hard to find an attractive winter boot you can actually wear in the snow?  Honestly, the boots with tread & traction, the boots with warm lining, the boots that will make your toes happy, are all SO ugly!
And the boots that look good, even the ones that are combat style and supposed to be rugged are actually ridiculous!  It looks like a combat boot but it has no tread.  It may be lined in warm sheep skin but the outside is made of suede?  What!?!   Whoever thought of that must not live where there is actual snow, salt & slush because, NewsFlash!, suede is not waterproof and in fact gets stained by water!  You want something that can survive some wet slushy stuff so you're thinking, "Okay I'll look for rubber, or at the least leather or vinyl."  Good luck because it's a sea of unlined, very unwarm rubber & vinyl boots out there.  Oh and did I mention all the fact that I'm on a budget?  If I wasn't I think these would be for me!  They are nearly $200 and currently only available in size 5.5, so that's lame, but just look and what a well designed boot it is!  Warm fleece lining, beautifully simplistic leather outer(reminiscent of an English riding boot), and a deep rubber tread!   Perfect!

Timberland Women's Mount Holly Waterproof Fleece-Lined Boot

I guess I will have to keep looking and hopefully I can find something before winter is over so I can actually get out and enjoy it!

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