Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Workwear Wednesday: Winter Outerwear

It was a mere 26 degrees outside this morning when I walked to the bank and I knew that I needed to knuckle under and wear a winter coat.  I wore my black one from last year because I'm not premiering my glorious "new" vintage coat at the freakin' atm.  It's far too lovely and I think I'll probably wait until the first snow hits the ground before wearing it!   It's burgundy from the 60's with a mink fur collar. I'm still in search of a hat.  Last winter we saw a lot of wool trench-style coats (I'm guilty too!).  Maybe this is just me, but I'm feeling like the trend this winter is going to be fur accents, as in fur collars, trims, 60's style fur hats, and fur-lined hoods.  Both real vintage fur and high quality faux fur.  That's my prediction, we'll see what happens! 

I have a friend who needs this one!
Guys need great coats too!  My husband would look hot in this!
I really think we're going to see a lot of these fur hats worn by the most stylin' among us!
I want this!
Couldn't resist adding this one!

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