Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Friday + getting a jump on the holidays

Hey y'all!~
Isn't it amazing how the Christmas stuff started coming out the day after Halloween?  Thanksgiving seems like a less important holiday, probably because other than food, it doesn't "stimulate the economy" the way the December holidays do.  I'm one of those people who tries very hard not to do Christmas until after Thanksgiving, purely on principle, only to find myself in a rush to get everything done in the 3 and half weeks before the 25th!

Well I caved in yesterday.  I started thinking about how I wanted to string evergreen garland across the front porch railings, and then I looked up the price for real greens (never fake, again this is on principle for me) on a local nursery's website and EEK! the price of garland is staggering!   But wouldn't you know it, the next thing I see is someone on craigslist giving away beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce branches, freshly cut to anyone who wants some free Christmas greens.  It was fate I thought, so I hopped in the car!  On the way home I thought I'd stop at a favorite little church thrift shop.  I was not looking for more Christmas items, but I couldn't pass up what I found!  Someone had cleaned out gramma's attic and donated a big box of vintage Christmas goodies, which I'm a real sucker for you know!   My total spent was about $7.30 with tax.  I posted a picture of my loot on facebook and a friend who used to deal in antiques to boutiques said she could get $60 for that in a snap and complimented me on my good eye!

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