Thursday, August 11, 2011

And my crazy busy week continues...

Another new gown is finished!  Woot!  I'm not going to show you a picture but I will tell you that it's not white or ivory.  It's blush!  I just love how pale blush pink is becoming more popular for brides.  It makes sense since it compliments just about any skin tone!  What else is there? ...Oh, one thing that is sort of sad is that I am having to discontinue my current incarnation of my Buttercream Bridal Bolero.  The dotted fabric that I bought was discontinued which is such a bummer because it was just adorable!  I searched high and low for it's replacement and couldn't find another dotted brocade.  BUT the style is just too darn cute to get rid of so I'm keeping the design alive in silk dupioni which is great because it will be available in many colors!   I have enough of the original fabric to make just one more bolero so if you want it, snatch it up!  Okay I better get back to the sewing studio now!  Ta ta! 

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