Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Madness

On Saturday we hosted our big Christmas party for all of our friends.  It was a smash success and good times were had by all!  Even though the real Christmas isn't actually for a few days, since we party-ed hardy, I almost feel like it's over already.  I find I've been skipping ahead in my mind to New Years (and the inevitable resolutions) and to all that the next few months have in store.  In Minnesota that means we have almost 3 more months of snow to look forward to.  We have already had the 5th most sever blizzard in MN's recorded history, plus another smaller one.  The snow banks are over 4 feet high, roads are narrowed and tricky, and my back is sore from all the shoveling.  In short, I've acquired winter madness early this year!  Typically it's mid-January before my craving to travel to warmer places sets in, but it's hitting me hard right now!  I wont spill the beans, but there's been chatter between the husband and I about the possibility of a trip far south to warm sandy beaches!   With that in mind, here's some eye candy to help calm your own winter madness and to inspire the travel bug.   {images via Design is Mine}

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