Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday + Product Preview!

Happy Friday everyone!  It doesn't even feel like Friday to me because I'm still in full "work mode" when usually by now I just can't wait for the weekend to start!  But it's been a pretty eventful week for Uptown Urban Craft, what with our new employee starting and new product designs being actualised, including our expansion into the world of fine men's neckwear! 

I have a little sneak peek of our new line of mens plaid ties for you all!   I started with this beautiful holiday plaid because, well why not?  All ties are fashioned in the stylish new slim width and constructed of 100% cotton.  They are handmade with fully-fitted interlining to ensure a beautiful drape and a smooth, even knot and hand-pressed and shaped for a clean finish.

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