Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Accomplishment

When we moved into our new place I was so excited to have a large room to be my dedicated office and work studio!  But duty called and I had to make it functional as quickly as possible, neglecting the decor project I had been dreaming about for so long.  Well this weekend I actually made some headway in the studio!  I sewed the turquoise and orange drapes myself and am so amazed at how they transformed the room that now I find myself looking at every other bare window in the house.   The transformation is not finished yet but it's a vast improvement!   The room still lacks artwork and I still have the whole lighting issue to deal with; I'm in constant search of my perfect wall sconces and (dare I dream?) a chandelier.  But until then I'm still quite please with the weekend transformation from scary office to pretty studio!

My signature colors are turquoise and orange of course!

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  1. When I have a waistline again, I want one of those aprons :o)


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