Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A very personal post...

This is probably the last post I will do this week.  My dear sweet kitty Groucho was hit by a car Tuesday night and found next to the curb by a good Samaritan passing by.   The man watched over him for 15 minutes until he could get close enough to him to get my phone number off his tag and call me.  I feared the worst but was so thankful he was still alive and in one piece.  At the all-night animal hospital we were relieved and astonished that he seemed to have no broken bones.  He does however have one of his main fangs broken and a terrible open wound under his chin, not to mention that he likely has bruising over his body that is causing him much pain.  We brought him home along with some prescriptions to help with his pain and healing.  A visit to our regular vet this morning gave a pretty positive prognosis; no internal bleeding & carefully nursed he should heal fine.  

Considering the situation it could have been much worse but I'm still feeling very little relief.  Groucho won't eat or drink anything and is so weak he can only walk a step or two before collapsing.  He hides his face from canned cat food he would have ran to a few days ago.  Despite his protest we are force feeding him watered down cat food in a plastic syringe.  Holding his limp little body as my husband feeds him is heart breaking when just hours ago he was strong & playful as a kitten.  I don't usually write blog posts of such a personal nature but I am a big believer in the power of positive energy and I hope that whoever reads this will send out positive healing thoughts to my baby Groucho.  

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  1. Your Groucho is similar in coloring to my Julie. Poor mite~feel better soon Groucho! We hope you heal quickly and are soon back to your spunky self!


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