Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awesome Etsy Finds

So I didn't go to the BBQ yesterday because I still trying to catch up on my work.  Blerg!  But I found time to put together so crazy cool Etsy finds for your wedding.  As you know, I'm not only an Etsy shopper but also an Etsy seller so I know from personal experience how truly meaningful it is to purchase something on Etsy.  Every time you buy on Etsy you are helping an artist to get on their feet, be able to buy groceries, and if nothing else you're telling them "Yes!  I think what you're passionate about has value!  Keep up the good work!"   So here are some very cool items by some very cool people! 

{Butterfly clutch by mojospastyle, Pink leather bow belt by darlingtonia, Forget Me Not Wedding Gown by sarahseven, Pink Champagne Cluster Braclet by AMIdesigns }

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