Monday, August 2, 2010

Pets at the Wedding?

For many of us our pets are some of the most important individuals we know.  I know I love our to kitties Tabby and Groucho like they're my children!   So while your parents are inviting distant relatives you've never even met, it might feel strange for you to leave your pets, who've been by your side through thick & thin, out of your big day.  Our cats were not involved in our wedding because, lets face it, most cats get skittish & freak out when in a crowd. But dogs can be much more social!  If you can't imagine the wedding with out your baby sitting by your side remember there are a few things to consider first. 

First, your pet will need to sit still at the alter with you for 20-30 minutes!  Start training early and be realist about her behavior.  Second, you might want to assign a young relative to attend to your pet.  You're going to be very busy during the reception and there's nothing hot about having to scoop the poop in your wedding gown.  Which leads me to another point; if your pet doesn't show the utmost doggie decorum when it comes to body functions or *Ahem* leaving guests leg alone you should probably forget about including Fido altogether!   It just spells disaster and embarrassment.    Lastly, just as your chose stylish dresses for your bridesmaids, do your pooch a favor & don't dress him in tacky wedding costumes.  A new leather collar, a bow tie or a ribbon can look very chic!   Keep it simple & you'll have one classy Lassie! 

but please....

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