Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bridal Blogs

Oh, how I am addicted to blogs! And since my job (obviously) involves the wedding industry, I spend not just a little time staying current with trends by following several wedding blogs. Yesterday I had a meeting with a new client who is ordering four customized versions of the Katy Scarlet hair fascinator for members of her bridal party. As we sipped our coffee we got to talking about our favorite wedding blogs. Usually I feel like I'm aware of what's out there but she told me about one of her favorites, which I had never heard of. Off course I checked it out when I got home! It's The Bride's Cafe and it's pretty good! I haven't dug into it extensively yet (hey, I do have real work to do, ya know!) one of it's featured "real weddings" really caught my eye! Hmmm... perhaps it's the unmistakable 1960's Mad Men look to it? Actually I think it's a super amazing engagement shoot. How they got access to that plane I'll never know, but here are some highlights below!

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