Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh So Pretty Flowers!

I first came across Saipua's floral designs on the blog Sunday Supper, which sometimes features beautiful tablescapes along with amazing recipes. I have no association with them, they're not paying me to do this post, but I am so much a fan of their flowers I feel compelled to share them with you! Saipua is based in Brooklyn and started out selling handmade soap(still available) but began doing flowers in 2004. They do some of the most beautiful bouquets and arraignments I've ever seen. Their style is completely unlike that of chain florists, selecting a mix of traditional and non-traditional plants for a look that is wilderness tamed. Designs feature such blooms as dahlias, English heritage roses, and (my favorite) ranunculus. You'll not find the tired and overused carnations & baby's breath here. A bridal bouquet by Saipua looks as thought it was just freshly gathered from the prairie or from a Victorian English garden. They feel like they were plucked out of an impressionist painting. They are simply dreamy!

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