Friday, May 28, 2010

Runaway Bride

So this morning I've got running on the brain. I got up early and had possibly my best run so far. I also got my first "hot running chick" compliment from some dudes sitting on a porch stoop. Normally I'm not one for cat calls but at that moment I appreciated the encouragement! Running is something I'm fairly new to but I'm starting to get into it which is amazing because it has always been my most hated of all gym class activities. I mean, you're talking to a girl who chose to walk the mile in 8th grade out of protest. In fact it wasn't until after my own wedding, almost 4 years ago, that I began taking an interest in fitness. Which brings me to my point - fitting into the wedding gown. I opened my newest issue of Fitness (an awesome magazine btw!) and inside they had done a survey of soon-to-be brides. Here are some of the highlights:

70% of brides-to-be want to lose weight
23 Lbs. is the average amount they want to lose
14% surveyed purposely bought their dress too small
5% Encouraged their bridesmaids to lose weight

If you're anything like me, having a big even is great motivation to stick to a fitness/diet routine, be it a vacation, a big party, hell even a small party! As I work with a lot of brides I hear the same thing "Oh, I'm going to be going to the gym. I'll be smaller by then." The reality is that it almost never happens. In fact many brides I see actually gain weight before the wedding. And it's understandable too! As a bride you're busier than ever, going to lots of pre-wedding parties with food that's not exactly figure friendly, you get less sleep, and you're just under an extreme amount of stress!

Here is my advice to you as you plan for your big day. First, do your seamstress a favor and do NOT order your dress too small! She can always take it in if you drop the pounds, but she can't always let it out if you don't. Second,
if you are going to encourage your bridesmaids to lose weight, please do it tactfully and don't go all bridezilla on them. Ask if they'd like to join you on your power walk. If they say no, let it go. Third, don't view exercise as something you have to do, see it as something you get to do. Take a yoga class, go for a jog, hop on your bike... whatever floats your fitness boat. It's your time to escape the wedding planning stress and leave it behind you. You deserve one hour every day to take care of yourself. Insist that you get it.

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